Vol 10, No 29 (2021)

Irish Marxist Review 2021 Vol 10 Number 29

Table of Contents


Irish Marxist Review Teams & Contacts PDF
John Molyneux 5
Contents PDF
John Molyneux 7


Towards the End of Partition PDF
John Molyneux 8


They came to Bury James Connolly PDF
Kieran Allen 12
The Economic Roots of Partition PDF
Eamonn McCann 25
The Impact of Partition on Women in the North PDF
Goretti Horgan 30
The Big and the Long Fellow; or the Tragedy and Farce of the Irish Counter-Revolution PDF
Fearghal Mac Bhloscaidh 41
Communists and Partition PDF
Mike Milotte 52
Marx and Engels on Inequality and Resistance in Nineteenth-Century Ireland PDF
Brian Kelly 61
‘Able-Bodied and Out of Work’ —The Decline of the Landless Labourer PDF
Alex Day 70
Sean O’Casey and the Civil War PDF
Paul O'Brien 76
‘These Parisians, Storming Heaven’: Marx and the Paris Commune PDF
Jason Dawsey 80
Paying the Piper to Call the Tune—COVID 19, Vaccines, Big Pharma, and Public Money PDF
Dave O'Farrell 84

Book Reviews

Book Reviews PDF
John Molyneux, Andy Durgan, Peter Bothwell, Joe Moore, Aislinn Shanahan Daly 92


About PDF
John Molyneux 102

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