Vol 8, No 23 (2019)

Irish Marxist Review 2019 Vol 8 Number 23

Table of Contents


Irish Marxist Review Team and Contacts PDF
John Molyneux 1
Contents PDF
John Molyneux 2


Editorial PDF
John Molyneux 3-4


The future of Marxism PDF
John Molyneux 5-14
Socialism and the fight against Transphobia PDF
Stephanie Hanlon, Adrienne Wallace 15-23
Public Private Partnerships: The great wealth extractor PDF
Stewart Smyth 24-30
The low pay scandal in Celtic Tiger mark 2 PDF
Owen McCormack 31-36
The politics of the family today PDF
Marnie Holborow 37-44
Conversation with a poet: Ciarán O’Rouke PDF
John Molyneux 45-49
Venezuela: Keep Trump out PDF
Kieran Allen 50-52
Barcelona 1936: a Workers’ Revolution PDF
Andy Durgan 53-59
CLR James and the Irish Revolutionary Tradition PDF
Christian Høgsbjerg 60-62

Book Reviews

Book Reviews PDF
Paul O'Brien, Kieran Allen, Seamus O’Kane 63-67


Contributors PDF
John Molyneux 68

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