Vol 7, No 22 (2019)

Irish Marxist Review 2018 Vol 7 Number 22

Table of Contents


Irish Marxist Review Team and Contacts PDF
John Molyneux 1
Contents PDF
John Molyneux 2


Editorial PDF
John Molyneux 3-4


Is a united Ireland inevitable? PDF
Seán Mitchell 5-10
Crisis in the North: Twenty years since the Good Friday Agreement PDF
Shaun Harkin 11-19
Women in the North: their long struggle for freedom PDF
Goretti Horgan 20-28
1968: The year the North exploded PDF
Matt Collins 29-43
Derry ’68: The International Perspective PDF
Eamonn McCann 44-48
Mass subversion: How the South responded PDF
Kieran Allen 49-57
Connolly: 150 years on PDF
Shaun Harkin 58-64
The National Question in China PDF
Simon Gilbert 65-68

Book Reviews

Reviews PDF
John Molyneux, Peadar O’Grady, Marnie Holborow, Nicholas Coules 69-75

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