Vol 4, No 14 (2015)

Irish Marxist Review 2015 Vol 4 Number 14

Table of Contents


Irish Marxist Review Team and Contacts PDF
John Molyneux i


Contributors PDF
John Molyneux ii


Editorial PDF
John Molyneux 1-2


The 1916 Rising: Myth and Reality PDF
Kieran Allen 3-17
The Irish Working Class and the War of Independence PDF
Conor Kostick 18-28
Women in the Irish Revolution PDF
Mary Smith 29-42
Ireland and Scotland in the First World War: from the Dublin Rising to Red Clydeside PDF
Dave Sherry 43-54
From the archives: Lenin on 1916 PDF
V.I. Lenin 55-58
A ‘Carnival of Reaction’: Partition and the Defeat of Ireland’s Revolutionary Wave PDF
Fergal McCluskey, Brian Kelly 59-71
Irish Partisans: Rapparees of the Williamite Wars, 1689-1691 PDF
Ruairi Gallagher 72-78
The Roots of the Refugee Crisis PDF
Memet Uludag 79-86

Book Reviews

Review: Julien Mercille & Enda Murphy, Deepening Neoliberalism, Austerity and Crisis: Europe’s Treasure Ireland PDF
AndreW MacLaren 87-88
Review: Paul Mason, PostCapitalism - A Guide to Our Future PDF
Dave O'Farrell 89-96

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