Vol 4, No 13 (2015)

Irish Marxist Review 2015 Vol 4 Number 13

Table of Contents


Irish Marxist Review Team and Contacts PDF
John Molyneux i


Contributors PDF
John Molyneux ii


Editorial PDF
John Molyneux 1-4


The Housing Question revisited... yet again PDF
Andrew McLaren 5-17
Lessons from the Egyptian Revolution PDF
John Molyneux 18-32
Lenin’s What is to be Done? - a defence PDF
James O'Toole 46-60
Ireland - the best small country in the world to exploit workers? PDF
Maeve McGrath 61-66
Irish Partisans: Rapparees of the WilliamiteWars, 1689- 1691 PDF
Ruairi Gallagher 75-81
Happy Ramadan! PDF
Memet Uludag 82-85
Engels visits Ireland PDF
Lily Murphy 86-88


European Monetary Union - A Rod for the Backs ofWorking People PDF
Brian O’Boyle 33-45

Book Reviews

Review: Shulamith Firestone, The Dialectic of Sex PDF
Madeleine Johansson 67-74
Review: Marnie Holborow, Language and Neoliberalism PDF
Becca Bor 89-90
Review: Leo Keohane, Captain Jack White: Imperialism, Anarchism and the Irish Citizen Army PDF
Paul O’Brien

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