Vol 11, No 33 (2022)

Irish Marxist Review 2022 Vol 11 Issue 33

Table of Contents


Irish Marxist Review Teams & Contacts PDF
John Molyneux 1
Contents PDF
John Molyneux 3


Turning point in the North PDF
John Molyneux 4


The Politics of Inflation PDF
Kieran Allen 6
Ukraine: Debates on the Left PDF
John Molyneux 15
War and the Environment PDF
Mark Walsh 29
Homes, Gender & Capitalism PDF
Marnie Holborow 37
Tear-Gassing the Panda: Capitalism & Conservation PDF
Ian Rappel 51
Misogyny and Women’s Health in Ireland PDF
Mary Smith 58
Trotsky’s Their Morals and Ours, Revisited PDF
giulio Di Basilo 66

Book Reviews

Book Reviews PDF
John Molyneux, Anthony Bradley, Joe Moore, Christopher DeVeau, Colm Stephens 70


Contributers PDF
John Molyneux 84

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