Ukraine: Debates on the Left

John Molyneux


Wars generate debates in society both within the
mainstream (i.e., within the ruling class), and on the
left. However, compared to many previous wars, the
Ukraine War has produced very little debate within
either the Irish or the European/American

In the West, from the moment of Putin’s invasion on
24 February, condemnations flew in from all sides,
and there was close to unanimity among Western
governments on support for Ukraine, strong sanctions
on Russia and major military aid to the Zelensky
government. There was also, for pretty obvious
reasons, a high level of agreement against direct
military engagement and against the imposition of a
no-fly zone, which would almost certainly lead to
such engagement. Moreover, this political consensus
and military aid was matched by an extraordinarily
extensive and powerful roll-out of hegemony, which
has reached almost every nook and cranny of civil

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